Project Description

The Guardian-Line is a non-conductive tag line system and the solution to the OSHA requirement that non-conductive tag lines must be used when working close to energized power lines.

It is designed to protect the rigger from electrocution and hazards of handling conventional rope in lifting operations.

The Guardian Line – Plus is a re-designed version of the original Guardian-Line and is intended for use around very high Voltages.

Nothing else in the market can offer this level of protection at these voltages. When the stakes are high, choose the Guardian Line – Plus to protect you.

Rated to 120kV

Product brochure

Unique Features

9 feet of our unique grip rope attached to the bottom of the unit ensures No Tangling, No Fraying, No Whiplash and No Trip Hazard.
Open lifting eye at the top allows it to be used with all rigging.

‘Shed’ Design

Prevents build-up of contamination & surface tracking of high voltage electricity.

High Visibility

Safe, visible and easy to clean the Guardian-Line rope is a major upgrade on the traditional Tag line rope.


With an integrated TagLine Insulator® at the heart of the Guardian-Line you can be sure that you are safe.
Dry Rating 80kV
Wet/Contaminated to 25kV

New – ‘Safety Zone’

An new feature on the latest model. This provides additional protection against surface tracking and provides the user with a clear area in which to hold the rope.

Individually Tested

Each component of the Guardian-Line is tested individually to ensure total safety assurance

“The World's first Non-Conductive Tagline.”