Project Description

The Load Insulator® is a highly engineered, high performance, load bearing insulator designed to be fitted to the end of the crane’s load line.

It will insulate and protect personnel in contact with the load, from electrocution, in the event of the crane or load line contacting an overhead power line.

The Load Insulator® meets or exceeds the requirements of the ANSI/CPLSO-14-2016 standard in all tests.

Product Brochure

Unique Design

Helps prevent contamination & surface tracking of high voltage electricity.

Internal Brain

Our patented intelligent technology automatically self tests daily and logs data to ensure it remains a safe & reliable insulating device.

High Tensile Steel Skeleton

Lifting eye compatible with common rigging

Advanced Polymer Shell

Designed to create a super structure encasing the unit our polymer shell is shockproof, enviroproof, freezeproof and waterproof.

“It offers a FIT & FORGET solution for power line safety.”