Project Description

Any tag line rope will conduct high voltage electricity if it becomes contaminated or wet.

The Tagline Insulator® from Insulatus is the world’s only insulating link specifically designed and manufactured for use in a tag line rope.

It is designed to protect ground crew and riggers working with elevated loads and using tag line ropes in close proximity to live power lines….Use it in the wet, the dirt, the cold, anywhere.

The Tagline Insulator® meets or exceeds the requirements of the ANSI/CPLSO-14-2016 standard in all tests.

Product brochure
Insulating Link

Now rated to 40kV


Use a Tagline Insulator® in any rope and it becomes non-conductive. Simple.

‘Shed’ Design

Prevents build-up of contamination & surface tracking of high voltage electricity.


With an integrated Tagline Insulator® at the heart of the Guardian-Line you can be sure that you are safe.

Assurance, Flexibility & Protection

The Tagline Insulator®, Guardianline®, Guardianline-plus® and the Tagconnector® kit complete a range of flexible products that can work individually or in numerous combinations to provide unparalleled protection for ground crew working near live power lines.