Project Description

Designed to be coupled to 2 x Tagline Insulators to provide a combined dry rating of 120kV.

Keep a connector unit in the kit locker and you can ‘Gear-up’ when required. Simply connect a Tagline Insulator® at each end and fix together with the included poly pins to create a unit to protect against big voltages.

When you’re finished, simply remove the fixing pins and the Tagline Insulators® can be used individually again.

Rated to 120kV*

*combined with 2 x Tagline Insulators

Product brochure
Insulating Link, Tag line connector


The connector can be used in unlimited sequence to provide the level of protection required.
For example 3 x Tagline Units used with 2 x connectors would provide safe (dry rated) insulation for up to 180kV.

‘Shed’ Design

Prevents build-up of contamination & surface tracking of high voltage electricity.

Easy Assembly/Disassembly

Using the supplied Polyurethane fixing studs it’s easy to secure the connector in place and then remove when the job has finished.

How to use